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1 Learn video editor Adobe Premiere to edit a WeChat 15s small video

2 upgrade Org link syntax to new

3 Emacs slow and heavy? Profile, Benchmark your Emacs, and speed it up

4 How to use docstring to annotate source code

5 Learn Programming Language from Diving into Source Code

6 Learn a little basic of Nginx for setting up web server

7 Make company-mode support for nginx-mode

8 Clojure Plotting to Org inline image in ob-clojure

9 How to Read Code in Emacs

10 Literate Programming with Org Mode

11 multilingual support with ob-translate and google-translate

12 Learned basic skateboard

13 Needlework: Setup the sewing machine

14 How to BANISH myself

15 test org-mode ox-publish