Needlework: Setup the sewing machine

1 Handicraft is fun (手工艺是好玩的)

I first learned to cut my own hair by myself abour 3 years ago. Even though it is not good enough. But it already works now.

我最开始学习的手艺是理发,虽然现在还不算好,但是已经看上去不糟糕了。用推子一点没 问题,用剪刀和牙剪已经可以基本OK了。

Why I want to cut my hair by myself? Because I found I'm not satisfied with hairresser's style, I'm not rich, will not find a great hairresser, if cheap, I can't get myself cormfortable. So I have to do it by myself.

为什么我想要自己理自己的头发?因为我发现我很难和理发师沟通好。没钱的穷蛋,不可能 去找好的理发师。如果便宜的,我又觉得不好。所以我觉得应该自己来。虽然不是很好看, 但是我终于自己满意了,而且以后会变得更加熟练。

2 Second handicraft now (第二件手工)

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Few years ago, I use taobao.com, it is hard to find suitble clothes for me, most clothes are for female. This might be a kind of normal development trend of market? At that point, I have an idea that I want to design and make my own clothes by myself. The idea start to become reality is from I saw a sewing machine on taobao.com. It seems simple and functional. So I bought one.

芳华 700.jpg

几年前,我用淘宝的时候,找男生的衣服还是相对较少的,更多的是女性的衣服。不得不说 我要吐嘈下这点。算是市场发展的正常?毕竟男的买衣服少。那个时候我就有了要以后自己 设计衣服自己做的念头。只是缺少一些开始的动机。现在终于有了,我在双十一的时候看到 了家用缝纫机,功能够,而且操作看上去也简单。买了一个。

Today, when I cut of tag on T-shirt, I found the line is cut off too, then I remember to use this sewing machine to fix my T-shirt up. After 2-minutes reading the simple manual, and setup line, basic operations. Then two test on a abandon cloth, I start operating on my T-shirt directly. It is simpler than I think.

今天我在剪掉T恤上的标签的时候,发现缝线也被一起剪掉了,于是我便想起来要用买来的 缝纫机弄一下。看了说明书。搞定穿线,基本操作,然后在一块废布上测试两次,直接上手。 操作完成。比想的要容易的多。

3 Future next handicraft: woodwork (下一样想学习的手工艺: 木工)

I already downloaded some woodwork data sources. Until someday I have this motion to start learn. I will be able to make some woodworking in future.

已经在电脑上下载了木工的资料。等哪天想起来有兴趣就开始学习一点。以后就可以自己做 一些简单的木工物件。